Carton Quantity :100

Manufactured In :UK

Material :Polycarbonate

Strength :Rigid/Reusable

Glass Washer Safe :Yes

Life Span :100 Cycles (Up to)

Top Width :40mm

Bottom Width :28mm

Overall Height :49mm

Weight :11.5g

Capacity :25ml/2.5cl

CE Marked : 25ml to Brim

Colour :Clear

Colour Options : Clear

Printable :Yes

Reusable :Yes

Recyclable :Yes

Size Options  :35ml, 40ml, 50ml

JCCBS 25ml Bomb-Shot Glasses are manufactured from non shatter high clarity Polypropylene and are CE marked.

Each glass is 25ml CE – ideal for busy clubs and bars who want a simple and fast way to serve drinks such as Jagerbombs, drinking mixers and chasers.

Carton Quantity x 100


Polycarbonate Glasses

Pubs, clubs and other licensed establishments are understandably under pressure to swap their usual glassware for safer plastic glasses. It is now UK law that pubs and clubs must use plastic drinking glasses to serve drinks for use outside.

Polycarbonate Glasses

Polycarbonate plastic glasses are virtually unbreakable, making them the obvious choice for use over the other pieces of plastic glassware that can still shatter and be used as a weapon in alcohol related violence.

Polycarbonate glasses are recognised by licensing officials because they are rigid enough to be CE stamped and lined for legal measurements, just like classic pint glasses and wine glasses.

Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are also dishwasher proof and more lightweight than standard glasses, meaning they can be more beneficial to staff members who will be able to carry larger stacks of glass at a time. As well as combating glass related violence, there are obvious benefits of no more broken glass to clear up at the end of the night.

Modern moulding techniques ensure that polycarbonate glasses can be created in a variety of styles, ensuring that classic glass designs can be replaced behind the bar with the minimum of fuss. As well as standard polycarbonate pint glasses, there is also polycarbonate wine gasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, and standard tumblers licensed for use in pubs, bars and clubs.

Our comprehensive range of plastic drinking glasses offers a wide variety of polycarbonate drinking glasses, all recognised as legally usable in licensed establishments.

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